Monday 21 May 2012

Unit 1 Expressions and formulae

Outcome 1.1
Applying numerical skills to simplify surds/expressions using the law of indices.
Surds Overview

Surds overview (BBC)

Surds - Rationalising the denominator (BBC)

Rules for indices

Simplifying indices (BBC)

Indices - Raising one power to a second power (BBC)

Negative indices (BBC)

Fractions as indices (BBC)

Scientific notation (BBC)

Outcome 1.2
Applying algebraic skills to manipulate expressions.

Removing Brackets

Removing brackets (BBC)

Removing pairs of brackets (BBC)

Test  - Expansion of Brackets (BBC)

Factorising - Highest Common Factor

Factorising - highest common factor (BBC)

Difference of two Squares

Factorising - difference of two squares (BBC)

Factorising Trinomials

Factorising trinomials (BBC)

Factorising trinomials where coefficient of x^2 is greater than 1 (BBC) 

Completing the square

Factorising - completing the square (BBC)

Test - Factorising (BBC)

Outcome 1.3
Applying algebraic skills to algebraic fractions.

Algebraic fractions

Simplifying algebraic fractions (BBC)

Adding / subtracting algebraic fractions (BBC)

Multiplying algebraic fractions (BBC)

Dividing algebraic fractions (BBC)

Test - Algebraic fractions (BBC)

Outcome 1.4
Applying geometric skills linked to the use of formulae.

Gradient of a straight line

Gradient of a straight line (BBC)

Test - Gradient (BBC)

Arc length and sector area

Arc length (BBC)

Area of a sector (BBC)

Angle at the centre of a circle (BBC)

Test - Circle geometry (BBC)

Volume of shapes

Volume of a sphere (BBC)

Volume of a hemisphere (BBC)

Volume of a cone (BBC)

Volume of a prism (BBC)

Volume of a cylinder (BBC)

Volume of a composite shape (BBC)

The history of area and volume (BBC)

Test - Volume (BBC)

Rounding to significant figures

Rounding to significant figures (BBC)

Test - Rounding (BBC)